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Hosted Video Solutions

Videoconferencing has been getting more popular because people are becoming more aware of how it can enhance experiences while cutting down on expenses.


Reduced Travel Expenses & Improved Efficiency

Recently, a bill has been introduced that looks to cut U.S. agencies’ travel expenses by having them use video conferencing for meetings rather than traveling to far locations. The proposed Stay in Place, Cut the Waste Act notes the advances in video conferencing that has enabled a shift away from hardware-based models to a more flexible model that ultimately lead to reduced expenses and improved efficiency.

Cost Savings & Convenience

Recent surveys have shown that 50% to 60% of employers have reported using video conferencing for job interviews. More companies have adopted using video conferencing software in their recruitment efforts because it provides cost savings and convenience. Interviewers are able to quickly work through the initial interview process with potential candidates without even leaving their office.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities at Lower Costs

Teachers are using video conferencing to enhance their student’s learning opportunities at the elementary level and in higher education. At the elementary level, students are able to take virtual field trips, which eliminates the cost and preparation of going on a school field trip. At the higher level, video conferencing allows teachers to share their expertise with students that may not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate because of location or cost.